Argentina Warmup: Clarity out of confusion…

Latest update:

The race distance is changed to 20 laps.


Riders must change bikes at the end of their nint. tenth or 11th Lap.

If rain starts and Race Direction consider the situation to be dangerous the red flag will be shown and all riders should enter pit lane.

Teams will be given 15 minutes between the display of the red flag and opening of pit lane to make adjustments to the machines.

The second part of the race will be for 10 laps. Grid positions will be based on the result of the first part and will be declared a wet race.


Riders may enter the pits to change machines only from the end of their ninth lap.

If the wet race is red flagged for other reasons when more than 13 laps have been completed then the result will stand and there will be no restart.

With the weather still an unknown factor at the Gran Premio Motul de la República Argentina, Race Direction outline race options.

The MotoGP™ Warm Up session will begin at 10:40 Local Time and last for 30 minutes, finishing at 11:10. This will apply whether the track is dry or wet.

If the track is dry for the Warm Up, riders should use the replacement rear tyre (Option Tyre). If the track is wet for the Warm Up then the plan is to provide extra practice sessions with the Option tyre is cancelled and the race will be held using the tyres from the original allocation.


If the race starts in dry conditions but the Warm Up has been dry, then riders must start with the Option tyre and the race will be for the full 25 laps. The normal flag to flag conditions will apply if the track becomes wet.

If the race starts in dry conditions when the Warm Up has been wet, then riders may use either of the rear slick tyres (Medium & Hard of their allocation for Argentina). However, the race will be “flag to flag” for 20 laps with a compulsory stop to change machines at the end of lap 9, 10 or 11.

If the race starts in the wet and the track dries then Race Direction will decide if it is unsafe for the riders to continue in which case the race will be red flagged. The new “dry” race will then be restarted for ten laps with a 15-minute start procedure. Should the track become wet during this race the riders may change machines as normal.

If the race starts in wet conditions and remains wet then the race will be for the normal 25 laps.

Under no conditions will the use of intermediate tyres be permitted.


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